Whatever obstacles you are going through, please know that in the end, everything will work out in your favor.  I know because doctors told me I should’ve been dead, I’d never regain vision in my left eye and that my chances of ever performing again were slim to none.  While under the care of four doctors a week for two consecutive years and tired of being sick and tired, a part of me gave up.  But once I put it all in God’s hands and really started to rebuild my confidence with the help of my incredible doctors, family and close friends, I began to change my mindset!!!

Sometimes when you’re going through hell, it’s hard to see and believe things will get better.  Trust me, I felt the same way! However, as soon as I made up my mind to HAVE FAITH, GET UP, FIGHT BACK and THROW AWAY the victim attitude, the positives began to outweigh the negatives.  As a result, I can truly say all those obstacles, I now call “TESTS”, have given me a TESTimony!!  Without the test, I wouldn’t have a testimony…and my testimony is I’M BACK and better than ever – physically, spiritually, mentally and creatively!  I hope I’ve encouraged someone and ask that you will Click Here to hear my story on how I overcame a life threatening obstacle and JOIN ME on my journey to making a dream come true.  Be Blessed!


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