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Check out these fun photos of LaTonya and Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Bob Horn after he mixed her new single “Things Change”, penned by LaTonya and produced by Myron McKinley, by clicking here.

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Hi Family,

Let me start this post by apologizing for not updating you on the latest news in my music world. It was not intentional at all and I’m thankful for those of you who contacted Indiegogo expressing your concerns. No need to get into the why’s, just know I’m truly sorry. Now on with some exciting updates, perk info, etc.

The exciting news is that on Friday, June 3, 2016, my new single “Things Change” will be released digitally. (Itunes, Amazon, etc) It’s been almost 3 years since my last single “Love Hangover” was released and during that time my life took many turns, good and not so good, causing me to grow tremendously into the artist I know I am and must always be moving forward. As a result, I’ve taken a new turn musically.

While the dance thing was cute, it didn’t represent my true artistry. I’m ecstatic about the new single because it’s from MY heart and deals with some of my own personal stories intertwined with associates. Hence, music from the soul and not just “beats” sent to me to “blow on”.

While I know 3 years is a long time to be gone, for me it all makes sense because I refuse to settle and just throw music out there. It also took finding the right producer to bring my vision to fruition and I couldn’t be more pleased with Myron McKinley’s belief in me and how he took this song, that woke me up at 4am to write, to the next level from an acapella out of key demo I sent him. Yep, I’m a special artist indeed. Lol.

Now moving on to recap how the monies were used from this campaign: If you didn’t see the “Love Hangover Update” video we released, Click Here To Watch It. It explains how the monies from this campaign were allocated. I don’t want to get into the out of pocket loss I took trying to make this single happen in hopes of still trying to deliver an album. The bottom line is that I appreciate YOU believing in me and don’t take your donations for granted. Moving onward and forward.

Since, sadly, we didn’t reach the $50k goal, no album is forthcoming. Therefore, the “digital download of album single” and “autographed copy of cd” perks will NOT be honored.

I will mail autographed pics instead to the $5/$15/$25 backers.

Everyone else, you will still get your perks minus the two mentioned above.

$100 backers we need to coordinate skype times.

$500 and $1k backers, we need to speak.

If you’ve moved since 2013, please email your new mailing address to asap. My goal is to honor all perks and officially close these campaigns by May 15th, 2016 in order to focus on the new music.

Thanks for your patience, encouraging words and everlasting love and support. Love y’all!!!!


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Find out why LaTonya keeps AIDS awareness center stage by clicking here.

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“But Ms. Holmes has a lil’ somethin’ for all the “playas” – a club jam with a hook as powerful as pepper spray that women will be chanting for the rest of the year…and beyond! That statement is “Google Me.” And the story behind its creation is every bit as delicious as the song itself…” – A. Scott Galloway

Click here to get a taste of the jam “Google Me”!

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